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Important - Financial Aid Application

All seniors who are planning to attend college (or considering college) should complete the financial aid application for college called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in October of 2021.

Complete the FAFSA at:



Scholarship Information

Students generally earn the most scholarship money from the colleges they choose to attend.  Study college websites and contact college admissions counselors assigned to CCHS.


Information about scholarships are:

- sent through email to teachers and seniors

- sent through text to seniors and parents who sign up for text messages from guidance 

- posted on the senior board downstairs at school

- posted on the senior guidance page




Seniors have much to do to be prepared for life after graduation.  See the senior checklist.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact guidance staff for assistance.



FAFSA Reminder

If you plan to attend college after graduation, you need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on October 1, 2021 or as close to this date at possible. 


- Complete the FAFSA for 2022-2023.


- If you are eligible for grant $ (free $ for college) and wait to complete the FAFSA, some of the $ may be gone. State grant $ can run out.


- If you are unsure about what you are going to do after graduation, complete the FAFSA. 



Additional Scholarship Information

- Visit the websites of colleges you are interested in attending to find out about available scholarships.  Colleges offer numerous scholarships to their students.


- Contact college admission counselors assigned to your school and ask about scholarships and financial aid available.


- Guidance staff will inform seniors about available scholarships throughout the year.  


- Look for scholarships on your own.  You can find opportunities not announced at school.


- Many scholarship links can be found on the main guidance page.



Request your Transcript from Parchment - Leader in eTranscript Exchange

Students are required to request transcripts at


Senior Handout- August 2021


Scholarship Memo 1 - Basic Information


Scholarship Memo 2 - WYMT Scholarships (Deadline: 9-27-21)


Scholarship Memo 3 - Bert T. Combs Scholarship (Deadline: 10-29-21)


Scholarship Memo 4 - Live Life Scholarship (Deadline: 10-29-21)


Scholarship Memo 5 - Jackson Energy Scholarship (Deadline: 11-30-21)


Scholarship Memo 6 - Cartis & Merkie Carpenter Scholarship (Deadline: 12-31-21)


Scholarship Memo 7 - 2 University of Kentucky First-Generation Scholarships

(Reminder: The most valuable scholarships generally come from the colleges. Study college websites and know the college admissions counselors assigned to Clay County High School students.)


Scholarship Memo 8- The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Civil Engineering Scholarship (Deadline 2-1-22)


Scholarship Memo 9 - Darrell Glenn Hudson Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: 3-1-22)


Scholarship Memo 10 - Appalachian Wireless Scholarship (Deadline: 3-5-22)


This Week In Guidance 1 - Posted 1-28-22


This Week In Guidance 2 - Posted 2-3-223


This Week In Guidance 3 - Posted 2-11-22


This Week In Guidance 4 - Posted 2-17-22


This Week in Guidance 5 - Posted 2-24-22


This Week in Guidance 6 - Posted 3-10-22



Scholarship applications are generally emailed to students when the opportunities are announced.



- How do dual credit classes transfer to other colleges?


Many scholarship links can be found on the main guidance page.


- Scholarship Search Engines  

KHEAA - Affording Higher Education


- Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program


ACT Registration, Test Preparation, and More - Take the ACT as many times as you need to in order to earn the score you want.  Test preparation will improve your score.  Guidance staff is available for more information.


- Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

*Seniors should complete the FAFSA in October of 2020.


Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

*Check KEES $ earned here.

*Mrs. Christy Rice is the KEES coordinator.  Contact her if there is a problem with your account.


- Apply to EKU Link

- EKU Scholarship Estimator

- EKU Foundation Scholarship Application

*EKU students earn automatic scholarships based on unweighted GPA and ACT scores when they apply before February 1. Automatic scholarships do not require an application. Students must complete the foundation scholarship application to compete for foundation scholarships. 


- Apply to SCC Link

If you apply to SCC, you definitely need to complete the scholarship application.

- SCC Scholarship Application


- UPS Earn and Learn


- Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KYFAME)