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Guidance Advice to Juniors


- Grades and ACT scores do matter.  Continue to do your best in your classes and take the ACT as many times as needed to meet your academic goals.


- If you are planning to attend college, look at college websites to learn about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities available at the schools which you are interested in attending.  Meet with college admissions counselors assigned to Clay County High School.


- If you are interested in joining the military, study the different branches of the military and meet with recruiters assigned to Clay County High School.  Do your best on the ASVAB.


- Meet with guidance staff to obtain information.




Text Messages from Guidance


Clay County High School juniors and parents/guardians are encouraged to sign up for text messages or e-mails from the guidance department.  If you want to receive messages via text, text @2022clay to 81010.  If you want to receive messages via email, send an email to




Have you earned the ACT scores you want?  


If no, register now to take the ACT.  Students earn higher scores when they prepare for the ACT.  Guidance staff can provide ACT preparation advice and materials.


All juniors are taking the ACT at CCHS in March.





- Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Chart


- ACT Registration, Test Preparation, and More - Take the ACT as many times as you need to in order to earn the score you want.  Test preparation will improve your score.  Guidance staff is available for more information.  You want to earn your BEST ACT score during your junior year (if possible).


- EKU Dual Credit


- How do dual credit classes transfer to other colleges?


Governor's Scholar Program - GSP applications are due each year in December.


- Governor's School for the Arts 


- Governor's School for Entrepreneurs (GSE)


- Summer Health Career Camps at UK




U.S. Air Force Academy 


U.S. Military Academy


U.S. Naval Academy


U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


U.S. Coast Guard Academy